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I’ve shot lots of magazine editorial portraits and ad campaigns. My pictures have been published in such magazines as Newsweek, Forbes, the Daily Beast, LA Photographer, Architectural Digest, Miami Herald, NY Magazine, Penthouse, Architecture and many more, they have been plastered on buses and billboards proudly flying high over major freeways and have been used in TV campaigns. I also shoot fun stuff mostly in the deserts of the Southwest that I call Fine Art. Beware, there’s some random and total nudity herein.

I use and recommend Profoto lighting and Hasselblad medium format cameras.

I’m willing and happy to shoot assignments anywhere. I bring studio gear to every shoot.

Real people, with all their imperfections, fascinate me and my portraits aim to tell their stories with empathy, honor and dignity. There’s a strong social justice component to my work. I’ve shot portraits of the Gulf fishermen post BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill tragedy, migrant workers and other marginalized individuals to try to give them visibility and a voice.

I never veer from having a great and creative time on my sets-
Let’s Shoot!

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