While the Governor of New Mexico misnomered me a pornographer, I think she’s wrong. None of my pictures are pornographic. But I’m not afraid to snap real people sans vĂȘtements. I love people and I hope you see this coming through. If you will be fired for having a naked soul on your monitor at work are under 18, be warned- there is a lot of nakedness and religion spoofing herein. Onward!

She was Found the Next Morning, Face Down in a Kennebunk Tide Pool, Maine

Hi. I’m a freelance multi-awarded photographer originally from NYC. My work has been published in magazines ranging from Newsweek, Forbes, Architectural Digest, Miami Herald, NY Magazine, Penthouse and many more. I’ve shot lots of editorial portraits and several ad campaigns. I’ve sailed around the world, floated the Grand Canyon on a 23 day private permit, surfed some of the world’s best breaks, instructed at Outward Bound Schools, been a carpenter, a house refitter, a French waiter, a motorcycle enthusiast, a Porsche track driver, an off off Broadway actor and an assistant super of construction in NYC for Bernard Spitzer. I climbed some fun stuff and managed to get drug up a couple of big walls for first ascents (Zion and Black Canyon). I’m enjoying playing my strat and tele and wish sometimes Wick and the Candlesticks had never broken up- we coulda been contenders and on our 6th world reunion tour! Or I suppose I coulda died of an overdose ages ago. Check out some of my unfinished songs on Soundcloud. I like to control my lighting and to never veer from having a great time on my shoots.
I often shoot assignments in LA, SF and other towns around the US.
I’m currently in Vegas working on my fine art portfolio. Check it out!

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