Saturn Eats his Children and Dara with her fine bred Russian WolfHound

Josh, East LA Mountains

Stephanie, LA Fires and Fog

Dzenek, LA

Portrait of a young girl, CIA Black Site, Gdansk

A & E History Channel Actor, in Make Up (Teresa Morgan)

Maura McCarthy, Blu Homes

Jean Robert, Owner and Artist, A Space, Silver City

Aari, City of Rocks, NM

Natalie, the Langham, Boston

C Byers, Adventuring Philosopher, Boulder City

Father and Son, East Fork, Gila River

Francesca, Chiricahua Apache Elder, Mimbres Valley, NM

Kaye, Silver City Pawn

Gary Glasser, Miami Power Attorney

Me, Taos

Ol’ Blue Eyez, Las Vegas

Teresa and Dave’s Big Day, Little Toad Creek, Gila

Delya, Key Biscayne

Shrimper, Miami

Martine, Miami

Chef Jason’s Favorite Kitchen Utensil, Silver City, NM

Portrait of a Man at SiTv Party, Model La Latina, Miami

Lexus Employee, “we make your car run great…”

Liah, Charlottesville

Cadee, Vegas

Gretchen, Taos

Moroni Works in Wondrous Ways, Vegas Desert

Old San Juan, PR

Great Chefs of Silver City, NM

Dot, Las Vegas

Ed’s Garage, Margate

Little Toad Chef, Gila Wilderness

Potter, Masaya, Nicaragua

Leather for Lycra, Silver City Bike Shop, Tour of the Gila

the Real John Hood, Palm Beach Author and Stick Up Arteest

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