Dzenek, LA

Francesca, Chiricahua Apache, Mimbres Valley, NM

Peekachoo an’ some one eye’d feller, Silver City

Shaman, Silver City

Troika, Tilling Organic Garlic, Glenwood, NM

Gary Glasser, Miami Power Attorney

Carl Byers, Boulder City

Gretchen, Taos

Leah, Charlottesville

Model, Miami, Carmelita Couture

Beauty Contestant, Charlottesville

Smoke, San Lorenzo, NM

Be Nice or Leave, Silver City Pawn, NM

Blue Homes, Vallejo, CA

Bad News, Miami

Glass of Red, Asheville

Beauty Contestant, Charlottesville

Kyla and Sergio, Desert Southwest

Bella, Vegas

Jean Robert, A Space Gallery, Silver City

Buffalo Bar, Bikers, Silver City

SiTV, Model La Latina Winner, Miami

Pablo, Tai Chi, City of Rocks, NM

Kyla, Desert Environs, Vegas

Silver City Top Chefs, NM

SiTv, Miami

A&E History Channel, Actor in Make Up, Miami

to shake off a hip replacement, I got a 2.5 month job making snow on swing shift at Sun Valley. Figured the outdoors and hard work would zoom me back into the zone.
the next 4 pictures are my most recent work from that experience:

Mikey, Parks
Sun Valley, ID

George, Snow Maker
Hailey, ID

Chris, Snow Maker
Sun Valley, ID

Franco, Sun Valley Groomer
Ketchum, ID

Little Toad Chef, NM

Lexus Employees, Greenwich, CT

Claudia, On the Lot, Director, Film Maker, Miami

Sonny’s Thanksgiving Dinner, Mimbres, NM

Aveda Girl, Ivy, VA

Isla Ometepe, Lovers, Horseback, Nicaragua

Frans and Son, East Fork, Gila, NM

Martine Marie, Miami

Teresa and Dave’s Big Day, Little Toad Creek, NM

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