Jeremiah What? SW Desert

Cloud Burst, Desert SW

Promethea, Prometheus, Vegas Environs

Desert Dairy Maid, SW Desert

Diana, Huntress, SW Desert

Bella, Las Vegas

Moroni Works in Mysterious Ways


Gospel Lesson Out Back, Desert SW

Degas of the Desert, Outside Vegas

Last Oxygen on Planet Earth

Diana, Huntress, Nevada Desert

Desert Wreck, Vegas

Britney, Running Low on Good Air, Vegas Environs

Room #603, Harrah’s, Las Vegas

How the West was Really Won, Red Rocks

Venus of the Desert, near Vegas

Abu Ghraib, 2017

Harrah’s Room MC 623, Indian Princess

Railway Express Agency, Delivery, Wolf Manor, Indiana

Sorcerer, en douche, Indianapolis

After I strung her up, I went out for a beer and a taco, Taos

2016, A Desert Odyssey, Outside Vegas

Las Hermanas de Luz, Penitentes, Silver City

A Night for Reflection, SC

End of the Bar, SC

Reclining Nude, after Modigliani, Taos

Make America Great Again, Trump Campaign, Indiana

Alice, Miami

Slabbed Out, Abandoned Farmhouse, Berkshires

What’s for Dinner, Asheville

Vitruvian Woman, Outer Banks

My Brother’s Suicide, Silver City

911 Jumper meets Ed Weston, White Sands

Woman, with Ducklings and Donald Trump

Alligator Juniper, Copperas Vista, Gila Wilderness

Portrait of Elena, South Bend

Memorial Day, Ranchos de Taos

Portrait of a Masked Woman, NM

Still Dreaming, Indiana

Room 146, Shadyland Motel

The Thinker, after Rodin

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