The women in my Nudes are real, strong, independent and self confident- the best kind. They are in-your-face proud of who they are and I admire them all deeply for this level of commitment to the photographs.

Desert Aphrodite, Vegas Environs

Mountain Girl, SW Desert

Table for One, Asheville

Breathing Last Good Air, near Vegas

End of the Bar, with a kicker

Ed Weston Meets 911 Jumper, White Sands

Abu Ghraib Detainee, Baghdad

the Making of Cloud Burst

Desert Cloud Burst

Family Thanksgiving

Woman, White Sands

Indian Maiden, Vegas, the Strip

Copperass Vista, Gila Overlook, NM

CIA Black Site, Dick Cheney and W

Bella, Vegas

After Modigliani, Taos

Dairy Maid, SW Desert

Promethea UnBound

our differences make us the same…

RailWay Express Agency, Wolf Manor, IN

The Huntress, Diana

Desert Shaman

Desert Mythology, from Aristophanes’ “The Birds”

Room 146, Shadeland Motel, Indiana

After Rodin, Le Penseur, Coconut Grove

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