We Were Passing Edgartown…


I’m a fine artist and freelance portrait photographer originally from NYC.

I bailed from a relatively expected trajectory aimed at the Ivy League and Wall Street rather to head to Berkeley to enjoy my hale and verdant college days, where I threw in with the resistance to the Viet Nam War, declared peace with Hanoi and strove to find love children. Too late! The illuminating drug of choice in the Haight and environs had devolved from acid to heroin. This was a grand disappointment.

As for the “Art of Photography”, I self taught and pushed to implement the first photo courses at my high school- a shiny new Mamiya Sekor 35mm camera from some joint downtown, wind-on film developing tanks, Tri X, Kodak Polycontrast paper and many many late nights timing baths at specific temperatures in the wafting fumes of various unctuous chemicals…

Alas, I became an early adopter of high end digital, winding up with one of the first digital Hasselblad H bodies and an Imacon 22mpix digital back to go with the latest Photoshop 3.0 on a BIG Mac.

My pictures have been published in such magazines as Newsweek, Forbes, the Daily Beast, LA Photographer, Architectural Digest, Miami Herald, NY Magazine, Penthouse, Architecture and many more. I’ve shot lots of editorial portraits and ad campaigns. I use and recommend Profoto lighting and Hasselblad cameras.

My more recent stuff, taken from a 4-5 year desert hiatus in New Mexico and Nevada, often recreates intricate scenarios, mythical stories and dream/psychedelic scapes that I conjure up and realize with the help of willing models and friends, serendipity, found items, thrift store props and costumes. Some are images I’ve yearned to create for years, some are completely spontaneous. Some are borderline provocative heading to sensationalistic. Some are sacrosanct (after years of episcopal education, what would you, dear reader, expect from a still healthy, balanced and inquisitive mind?). The governor of NM, at the time I created “Las Penitentas, Las Hermanas de Luz”, called me a pornographer for my re-imagining Jesus on the cross as a woman. Not to get bogged down over my diminished rep, please remember another well known New Mexican, DH Lawrence, was called the same a little earlier on. I don’t buy into a male dominated world and know our country would be a lot better off with the sensibilities of a smart woman running it. I pretty much often feel that way about me, too!

I’m willing and happy to shoot assignments just about anywhere in the world. Speaking of which, I’ve sailed around the world, done some big wall climbing (Zion, Yosemite, the Black Canyon, etc.) and some big wave and wind surfing (Hawaii to Bali, Oz, the Red Sea, Greece, the Gorge and Africa).

Real people with all their imperfections fascinate me and my portraits aim to tell their stories with empathy, honor and dignity. There’s a strong social justice component to my work. I’m a strong liberal and despise Donald Trump and his corrupt family of mini me thugs. I’ve shot portraits of the Gulf fishermen post BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill tragedy, migrant workers and other marginalized individuals to try to give them visibility and a voice.

Major influences include Marc Lagrange, Joel Peter Witkin, Caravaggio (particularly), Rembrandt, William Eggleston, Richard Avedon, Greg Crewdson, Irving Penn, Greg Gorman and so many others.

I never veer from having a great and creative time on my sets- Let’s Shoot!

I’ve added a couple of Vimeo served videos below that demonstrate a little more about me.
Check ’em out:

BP DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster,   Portraits to Help Gulf Fishermen

Immediately after the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, I was hired by my now friend, Guinotte Wise- the G-Man (coulda been the Wiseman!)- then a lead AD at VML Agency in Kansas City, to shoot portraits around the gulf states of anyone who was effected by the oil spill.

Needless to say, I found I could even go inland 100 miles and find plenty of subjects.
A resulting selection of portraits was mixed by VML with a voice over and a song by singer/songwriter Garnet Rogers to make this video to raise funds for the gulf fishermen.

I still feel very honored…

LEXUS, TEAM ONE, Super Bowl Ad

I owned the 83′ Maxi, Longhorn, formerly, Matador and Huaso, a beautiful Royal Huisman built aluminum racing weapon/sloop- it took 30 people to race the boat. I chartered her to Team One, and along with me, my now ex-wife and the help of a great Newport-based crew I found mostly at one or the other of my 2 “offices” on Thames Street (the AC or Zelda’s), we brought the boat to Southwest Harbor, Maine where we contributed in making a TV Ad to introduce the latest model of Lexus Car.
Go figure. And I’ve spoken with a guy who owns the biggest Lexus dealership in NE who only could raise his hand to his head and mutter, “56 seconds of boat… 4 seconds of car?”

Produced by Team One, directed by Peter Smiley, it was a great 10 days full of friends, sailing, stories, riggers, helicopters (when there was no wind), a Feadship (a 160 footer to make waves for added drama) and the ad was first aired on that year’s Super Bowl and won an Addy. Really cool to have been involved and the money and benefits were pretty cool, too. The original soundtrack was made up of various bizarre wind noises. I’ll fix the music I’ve added for my little presentation herein some day…

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